The CIB-24 cables offer the ultimate in EMI protection.

  • Premium Cabling Solution
  • Stackable Connectors at both ends
  • Ultimate in EMI protection
  • Available in 0.5m…18m length

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These cables offer the ultimate in EMI protection. Two copper braid shields coupled with two foil shields work to reduce the amount of radiated emissions. This helps many systems to pass FCC Part 15, MIL-STD-461A, VDE 0871, and VDE 0875. All wires are twisted pairs to maintain a low capacitance within the 150pF/m IEEE specification. Besides superior electrical characteristics, this cable has been designed to last a very long time. Care has been given to offer a cable with extreme flexibility that is equipped with a superiout strain relief. This prevents the cable from coming apart when it is bent at a sharp angle, which has been a common fault with many IEEE-488 cables on the market today. Finally, cast aluminum, nickel plated shells are used to prevent corrosion and they have overlapping seams rather than butt-jointed. There is nothing else one could hope for in the makeup of the best IEEE-488 cable possible. All this is offered at a realistic price.



4 Inner Twisted Pairs, 8 Outer Twisted Pairs, Inner Mylar Shield, Inner Braid Shield, Drain Wire, Outer Mylar Shield, Outer Braid Shield, Flexible Outer Cover

Reliable Strain Relief, Overlapped Seams, Cast Aluminium Nickel Plated Shell, 4 Retaining Screws

Conformance: STD IEEE-488


CIB24-0M5 - CIB24 0.5 meter length

CIB24-1M - CIB24 1 meter length

CIB24-2M - CIB24 2 meter length

CIB24-3M - CIB24 3 meter length

CIB24-4M - CIB24 4 meter length

CIB24-5M - CIB24 5 meter length

CIB24-6M - CIB24 6 meter length

CIB24-8M - CIB24 8 meter length

CIB24-10M - CIB24 10 meter length

CIB24-12M - CIB24 12 meter length

CIB24-15M - CIB24 15 meter length

CIB24-18M - CIB24 18 meter length