The CMB-24 series IEEE-488 GPIB cables provides best pricing for your wiring requirements.

  • Economy Cabling Solution
  • Stackable Connectors at both ends
  • Double Shielded with Molded Backshells
  • Available 0.5m…8m length

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The CMB series IEEE-488 GPIB cables provides best pricing for your IEEE-488 GPIB wiring requirements. The shielding offered by these cables is adequate for many applications. Featuring all-molded connector ends which contribute to long life expectancy, and are impervious to breakage at the point where the cable enters the connector housing. Considerable savings can be realized using this cable, particularly in volume applications.



4 Inner Twisted Pairs, 8 Outer Twisted Pairs, Mylar Shield, Drain Wire, Braid Shield, PVC Outer Cover

Connector: Cast Metal Nickel Plated Connector, Fully Molded

Conformance: STD IEEE-488


CMB24-0M5 - CMB24 0.5 meter length

CMB24-1M - CMB24 1 meter length

CMB24-2M - CMB24 2 meter length

CMB24-3M - CMB24 3 meter length

CMB24-4M - CMB24 4 meter length

CMB24-5M - CMB24 5 meter length

CMB24-6M - CMB24 6 meter length

CMB24-8M - CMB24 8 meter length